• Bent's Opera House-an elaborate historic renovation in downtown Medina, NY
    • WNY Energy
    • Orleans County Fishing: At the Oak, where catching excitement is contagious year round!
    • It is our honor to have you fish in our 36th Annual Rotary Fishing Derby.  We hope your dreams of catching big fish becomes a reality and look forward to welcoming you again for our 2020 derby: August 1 – August 15, 2020.

Real-time 2019 Derby Photos

Share your good fortune with us all! Simply have your picture taken with your fish – I am sure the person weighing your catch will lend a hand with the picture. Then send your fish picture to Marlee Diehl at marleediehl@gmail.com or text to 5857554334. I will do my best to have on our site within that day – www.Rotaryfishingderby.com, add Albion to the search for faster results. This picture gallery is NOT tied to the Leaderboard. These are just to share your fish with everyone who visits.

Laurie Jankowski 17 lb. 15 oz. Rainbow / Steelhead. Weighed at Boat Doctors


Major Stearns – 24 lb. 6 oz. Salmon. Weighed at Boat Doctors, Olcott


Destiny Bickel, Newfane
12 lb. 2 oz. Brown Trout. Weighed at Boat Doctors, Olcott


23 lb. 5 oz. salmon. Weighed at Narby’s


11 lb. 13 oz. Steelhead. Weighed at Narby’s

21lb. 9 oz. Salmon. Weighed at Narby’s


Terry Walker, Kennedy NY. King Salmon – 25.5 lbs. weighed at Boat Doctors, Olcott NY


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